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Hi Everybody. Welcome to the new website.!

While the new website gives us great new features like Google Maps, Anti Spam and an online License Shop, unfortunately we were unable to bring across old the old user accounts and consequently the forum posts attached to them. Don't worry though all your old posts have been preserved for posterity here.

So please re-register and let the discussions begin :)

Wigan & DAA is a long-established angling association based in Wigan, in the North West of England. It is comprised of smaller fishing clubs but also welcomes individual anglers as members, total membership currently standing at well over 2,000.

The Association controls fishing on waters in Greater Manchester and Lancashire, including stretches of the Rivers Ribble, Wyre and Douglas, about 25 miles of fishing on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal from Johnson Hill Locks Chorley to Saracens Head Halsall. The Leigh branch of the Leeds Liverpool canal from Wigan junction to Dover Lock Golbourn and the Rufford Canal,up to Br 7 only. Southport control the next 7 bridges . We also have fishing on 16 lakes, reservoirs and ponds.

Membership is open and yearly permits are available for purchase here online or from shops listed on our Card Suppliers page. Unlike some Angling Associations we do not charge an joining fee.

We also have a section called S.I.D.A (Severely Invalid Disabled Anglers) unfortunately S.I.D.A & Concessionary are the only cards not available on the bank. For info on S.I.D.A.you should contact Terry Hodgkinson . You will find him on our contact tab.